Theatre Village 2020 – events & workshops


PART , 24 – 27 JULY

The first part of Theatre Village will take place online only, the exceptions being some of the workshops. However, these will take place in other places, in the centres run by our collaborators (the exact information below). The links to specific events online shall be published soon!

24 July, Friday

  • Opening of the Theatre Village Festival
  • The premiere of Piotr Magdziarz’ film about the Theatre Village
  • Open Dance Course – a dance meeting on Zoom
  • Hot16 etc. – the harvest of the internet song and video-clip challenge, the pieces created in the context of the coronavirus: Iwona Konecka, Paulina Miu and Jan Kühling, Marta Wiśniewska and Żaneta Górecka, Wacław Sobaszek, Jan Mrázek and others
  • Dark Side of the Moon, an experimental clowning performance online, by Valeriana Collot, collaboration: Lena Alberska, Bartłomiej Alberski and Maria Baranowska

25 July, Saturday

  • Mt. 9.7. , a recorded performance of Rafał Urbacki from 2010
  • Here is my body – a talk with the participation of Justyna Wielgus, Justyna Lipko-Koniecznej and Katarzyna Żeglicka, starting off from Rafał Urbacki’s solo entitled „Mt 9,7 (He arose and went home)”, which touches upon both the body with disability and the body of non-heteronormative identity.

26 July, Sunday

  • A Short Piece about Killing and Love, a film record of the pre-premiere of the performance Multivoice of The Other Theatre School in Dziadówek (introduction to the performance: Joanna Kocemba – Żebrowska)
  • What about the expedition during the pandemic? – a presentation of film records and a discussion about the future of the Other Theatre School
  • Exit – an interactive project by Erdmute Sobaszek
  • Short Stories – Dagna Ślepowrońska’s stories performed online by the grup „Scena za ścianą”. A pandemia work

27 July, Monday

  • Tango – a Ballad of Edek – Teatr Węgajty (an open rehearsal on Zoom)
  • Shtetl Welt opus 4 „With the View on Lesbos”, Teatr 3,5 an immediate transmission from the performance in Jonkowo


  • Performance of Anna Drońskiej and Fałdy ensemble
  • Festival Dinner: together (in separate kitchens, everyone in their own home!) we shall prepare a meal basing on a specific recipe and together (in separate dining rooms, yet connected by Zoom) we shall eat it.
  • The Village Ear – audioaction, Sebastian Świąder, Maciej Wróbel


  • In Search of Song – creating your own piece in the process of a workshop encompassing working with your voice, seeking your own motifs and the work on the performance of your song. The workshop will take place in the Forestry of the Odnowica Association in Dąbrowa Dolna. Run by: Eliza Paś
    Here is my body – an online workshop by Justyna Wielgus, basing on the work of Rafał Urbacki. The workshop will be an attempt at looking at your body in its various contexts and communicates.
  • (Not) My Story. (Not) My Song. Work on stories and songs brought by David Zelinka from his expeditions, e.g.. to the Turkish-Kurdish borderland. The workshop shall be a preparation to the dramatic structure to be formed out of this material. The workshop shall be taking place in the Chaloupka Centre in Praha (Prokopské údolí ) Run by: David Zelinka, Kamila Kutálková. More details below:

>>>>>26 – 28 July<<<<<
„(Not) My Story. (Not) My Song.” The workshop will take place in the Chaloupka Centre in Praha, Prokopské údolí (you can come on 25th July already)
„On creating our performances we have often worked on stories, told tu us by people who have experienced wars, suffering, crisis. Their stories, althought they concern heavy matters, do not blackmail us emotionally. Quite the contrary, they are the source of strength, hope, faith in life and man. It was so with the Ukrainians, Chechens, Sirians, Kurds. It is like that with song. We tried to discover what it is, what stands behind it. We shall not (because we can not) teach such a thing; we want to work together to develop what we have already discovered, namely the process leading to a certain kind of life wisdom. Everyone will choose, out of the texts and songs we prepared, those with which he or she will want to work with. We shall work sharing our observations and experiences during our meetings. Finally, we will combine the particular stories into a partly improvised performance. We are planning to show this performance during the other part of the Village at the end of September. Run by: David Zelinka, Kamila Kutálková

Application form: Fee: 190 PLN (Besides, the participants in Chaloupka will cover the necessary costs of maintaining the Chaloupka building in which they will stay and in which the workshop will take place – about 35 PLN per person – as well as the costs of buying food)

Attention! It is possible to continue work after 28th of July (for those who want to do it).

Kamila Kutálková – member of the group Teď nádech a leť, a graduate of the creative pedagogy course at KATAP DAMU faculty. She works with the voice through singing and traditional songs, she is inspired by the workshops of Natalia Polvynka. She teaches children physical culture basing on the Body Mind Centering method, the Duncan approach and Feldenkreis method.

David Zelinka – the founder of the theatre group Teď nádech a leť, theatre director, performer; translator of Polish literaturę; a graduate of the Academy of Theatre Practice in Gardzienice. In his meeting place, in Chaloupka v Prokopském údolí he organizes the small scale festivals-meetings under the title „Se usedlo,naslouchalo, hledělo, setkalo se”.
More about the ensemble Teď nádech a leť and about people running the workshop you can find on the web page

Attention! Some details of the program may change yet.

Financed from the means of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, from the means of the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation as well af from the means of the Fund for Theatre Work Activisation of the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn