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At first, some initial information:

–> Mostly, the workshops shall be run 10.30-14.00, and that’s why there is no possibility of taking part parallelly in workshops which are taking place on the same days.

–> The descriptions of the workshops are below the list of the titles of workshops and the people who run them

–> The cost of participating in particular workshops is given under workshop descriptions below

–> As to the exact locations of the workshops, we shall inform the participants after the application lists are closed

–> The information concerning the way you can apply for specific workshops are given at the very end of the description



20-25 July

Open workshops for adults and children: workshop about climate (Ewa Woźniak), creating mandalas out of medicinal herbs (Joalanta Różycka)


20-21 July

Vocalosaurus: The capacity of the voice and traditional vocal forms: a workshop by Paulina Miu Kühling


20-22 July

L’empereur – dogs, gold and other small secrets of power.

A practice in the theatre work of the Labsa ensemble


21 July

„I am“ – a workshop for women with the use of the metod of „Re-evaluation Counselling”, run by: Magdalena Hasiuk


22 July

Improvising with your voice

A workshop by Eliza Paś


23 July

Migration and integration – a workshop meeting for teachers/pedagogues, animators and educators,

Run by: Maya Teryaki, Marta Bogdańska


23, 24 July

Secrets of the Openers

A theatre workshop by Professor Jana Pilátova (DAMU University)


24 July

A workshop by Playback Self 3.0 Theatre

Run by: the ensemble of the Playback Self 3.0 Theatre


25 July

Climate disaster, horror, hope and rebellion against extinction – a workshop by Jacek Strzemieczny


20-25  July, 10.30-14.00 – an open workshop for adults and children

Workshops about climate (20-24 July): practical things to replace plastic, which can be made at once, out of materials at hand. Upcycling, stories and talks. Run by: Ewa Woźniak, scenographer and theatre pedagogue. What she says about her intention: „The activities I undertake concern matters connected with the global warming and the pollution of the Earth.”

I am aware of the threats to which we, as people, contribute a lot. I also know that thanks to awareness and the knowledge we gain we are able to stop those dangerous processes. We cannot wait, though. One has to start here and now. (…)“

A workshop of creating mandalas out of medicinal plants (25 July): „Creating mandalas out of medicinal herbs and meditations with plants shall allow us to get into closer contact with the world of plants.” They shall be run by Jolanta Różycka, a biologist and art-therapist. She is also the founder of the “Onjaty” (“Heiyou”) contre in Bukowiec by Łódź. She is writing an M. A. thesis about plants on Taiwan.


Participation fee: 20 zł per day. Discounts for families!


Vocalosaurus: The capacity of the voice and traditional vocal forms, a workshop by Paulina Miu Kühling

20-21 July,  10.30-14.00


About the workshop:

It has not been thoroughly researched, but as far as I can hear, every day we use 5-10% of the entire possibilities of the human voice. Using our voice mainly for speaking, we operate only with the top of this incredible, organic, sounding „iceberg”, and it is big and it can even turn out to be greater than we think. In this workshop, we shall activate the sound of our natural instrument on many planes and we shall focus on various levels of volume, pitch and resonance which our voice can generate.

For this purpose, we shall make a journey through several sonic and geographical lands. We shall start with traditional Polish songs, and the so called “white” singing, through the Lithuanian polyphonic songs called „sutartines”, wandering north of Sweden and fathoming the depths of the traditional shepherd technique „kulning”, to finish in the Far East and a gentle, Japanese lullaby.

This workshop is conctrued in such a way that also the persons without any earlier musical experience can sing, and sing themselves out.

Even those ears which believe they hear „poorly” shall be under good care here.



About the author:

I am a careful listener to the phenomena happening in the sound tissue of the world. I sing, I compose and experiment.

I run my own vocal workshops in the frames of the Vocalosaurus platform, during which I encourage others to conscious exploration of the voice and of space. I gather traditional songs and I also practice and teach white singing – an archaic vocal technique from the middle-east Europe. For many years, I have been connected with the Węgajty Theatre. I realize and support various social and artistic projects.

I have finished music therapy at the Music Academy in Łódź and intermedia on the Art University of Poznań. Presently I live in Berlin.

With my actions I have appeared, among others, in: Trust Dance Company (Seoul, South Korea), Between Sky & Sea (the Island of Herdla, Norway), Vougascapes (Vouzela, Portugalia), Spoiwa Kultury (Szczecin), Unithea (Frankfurt am Oder), Konteksty (Sokołowsko), Munetik Symposium (Armenia),

as well as a part of the project „Visitors” (Hungaria, Albania, Montenegro)

participation fee: 70 zł


20-22 July, 10.30-14.00 L’empereur – dogs, gold and other small secrets of power. A practice in theatre work of the Labsa ensemble

The transnational Labsa ensemble invites you to cooperate at the realization of the performance L’empereur, based on “The Emperor” by Ryszard Kapuściński. The performance has been prepared in a broad group consisting in large measure of refugees presently living in Germany. A part of the original group cannot – for formal reasons – come to Poland. We invite you to join in their place in the rehearsals for the show of the performance at the “Theatre Village” festival. The adepts joining practical work on the performance scenes shall have the chance to know Labsa’s workshop from underneath and to come into close, working relations with a very interesting ensemble. For organizational and artistic reasons the number of applications which we shall be able to accept is very limited. We also emphasise that those willing to participate should be ready to take part in all the rehearsals including the show of the performance on 22.07. in evening hours. The participation in the practice is free of charge.

About the performance:

„The newest performance of the Transnational Ensemble Labsa is a free interpretation of „The Emperor” by Ryszard Kapuściński. With their determination to do theatre which prefers horizontal relations between people, and with great charm, young performers show us their quite personal real-political lives – somewhere between an African emperor’s court and the dance floor of an ill-reputed night club.

Power and powerlessness, experienced in actual reality;  as well as oppression through poverty and wealth, which cast their shadows on us, release in the performance a search for light. Filled with music played live and the club sounds, the artists juxtapose rap, dance, images and theatrical worlds, to render the taste of this trans-cultural market of live art.

In cooperation with the hip hop artist, Eymen, the multiinstrumentalist Ralf Tibor Stemmer, the improvising vocalist Zofia Bartoszewicz and the dancers: Wojciech Kozak, Leonel Cassule and Diams Diakate, the Transnational Ensemble Labsa creates crazy and buoyant spaces of stimulation in which one can submerge.”

„Labsa” about themselves:  Theatre work leading to emancipation and participation

There is now an on-going discussion around questions concerning post-migration society and de-colonisation. It is among others a reaction to political offensive from the right side. Exactly to this kind of migration discourse, Labsa’s artistic work relates. We allude here at our own experiences with the migration processes, which since the times of industrialisation have gradually brought significant transformation to the face of many regions. Such initiatives “from the ranks”, such as ours – functioning regardless of ossified and bureaucratic strategies of problem-solving – offer ideas for new solutions. Cultural transfer that we are after, is not a monologue about cultures, imposed from the position of superiority. Quite the contrary, we work on a dialogue which goes over the borders of nationalities, a dialogue between different cultures. Through artistic activities, we want to bring about social changes. In performativeness, we see an unrepeatable chance for a revision of fixed ideas concerning history, society as well as our own life.

Participation in the practice is free of charge.


21 July, 11.30-14.00 „I am“ – a workshop for women employing the method of „Re-evaluation Counseling”,

run by: Magdalena Hasiuk

(Attention! the time may still be changed!)


About the workshop:

The workshop „I am” is dedicated to women. It is a proposition of support with the use of the tools of Re-evaluation Counselling. The proposition of the workshop “I am” comes from my deep conviction that it is extremely important in the modern world do create a space for the presence of women, and such a space in which they can experience solidarity. The goal of the activities of the Re-evaluation Counselling community is for every woman, man and child to regain the fullness of individual capabilities in order to create a fairer world. The basis for the “Re-evaluation Counselling” is individual inner work with the support and complete acceptance of the helping people around. This way, work on yourself is combined with the experience of solidarity and work on the world. “Re-evaluation Counselling” is not a therapy group.

From a lecture by Tim Jackins during Re-evaluation Counselling Community Resources in Seattle: „…Repeated errors and surrenders constitute a part of our life, but in our opinion they are not a part of the inborn way people function. We think they are an element of how we become damaged. We think that when we are hurt, our minds cannot function in their natural way anymore, or a large pressure is put for them not to function. Then we do not work in a premeditated way and things start taking a wrong course.  (…) However, our mind has also its other side – thanks to which we can repair it all. …” (the whole lecture can be read in: INTRODUCTION TO RE-EVALUATION COUNSELLING)


Magdalena Hasiuk has been connected with the community of „Re-evaluation Counseling” for 7 years.


22 July, 10.30-14.00 Voice improvisation, workshop by Eliza Paś

About the workshop:

 A workshop working with the voice. Voice improvisation as a form of musical expression gives one a great range of unique possibilities – through improvisation we have a chance not only to discover our voice as such (its exceptional features) but also our personality and our needs. Improvisation is constant search for the maximum connection with the reality surrounding us here and now, it is also the rejection of uncertainty and fear for the sake of freedom and self-acceptance. It is finding music and inspiration in our musical partner – in another musician, in silence while alone, in birdsong, in the tumult of the city, the audience and sometimes in ourselves. During the workshop we are going to work with the voice as our tool, with “performative” presence as well as with improvisation itself.


About the author:

Eliza Paś – Performer, vocalist, fond of playing instruments; by education: a linguist. Her main points of interest are: working with natural voice, techniques of traditional singing, Slavic songs and vocal improvisation. Singing, she seeks for dialogue with reality. Performing her own songs, she is helped by her instruments: the guitar, the ukulele, sopilka flutes and circumstances. Presently she is involved in her own music projects in various groups. She is connected with the Czech theatre group Ted’ nadech a let’, periodically she is cooperating with the Węgajty Theatre.


Participation fee: 35 zł



23 July, 12.00-14.00 Migration and integration – a workshop meeting for teachers/pedagogues, animators and educators, run by: Maya Teryaki, Marta Bogdańska. The workshop is organized as a part of the project „Exilium” of the Warsaw branch of the Heinrich Böll Fund


About the workshop:

As is shown by statistics, by polls as well as by everyday information of public life, for a long time in the Polish streets there haven’t been as many foreigners as there are now. Neither has the matter of foreigners living in Poland ever aroused such a lively and polarised discussion, in which both the actors of public life and people in the street have their say. Especially the young people sensitively react to those rising tensions.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has for a certain time been realising a programme of workshops for the youth, bringing closer to the participants the phenomenon of migration as an integral process of functioning of modern, varied societies, in the context of global interdependencies. The meetings are run by a couple of refugees/immigrants (a Pole and a foreigner) who tell about their experiences connected to their exile, the story of their escape from their homeland, experiencing the adaptation to the conditions of living in a new country, their present life and perspectives for the future. They also answer the students’ questions concerning religion, multi-culture experience and challenges which the refugees confront.


During the workshop meeting, the educators of this cycle wish to tell the pedagogues and culture animators taking part in the “Theatre Village” about their experiences of working with young people.


About the workshop instructors:


Maya Teryaki

She comes from a multicultural family. Her mother is Polish, and her father is Syrian. She was born in Syria and there she spent the first years of her childhood, after which she moved with all her family to Poland. Their parents taught her to love wandering, taking her to various regions of the world. Her fascination with other countries, landscapes and cultures has stayed with her forever. Discovering our planet is in her opinion the most beautiful adventure into the depth of nature and oneself. By profession, she is a psychologist, for many years she has been running psychoeducation workshops for children in the areas of: handling stress, interpersonal skills, integration, conflict solving, counteracting violence, addictions. Moreover, she has worked as an art and craft therapist with disabled people. Her psychologist’s point of view allows her to understand the world better and to create better relations with people of different cultures and environments.


Marta Bogdańska

A Polish photographer, an author of films and cultural manager. She has graduated from the faculties of philosophy and gender studies at the Warsaw University. She has studied with Anton Vidokle at the Home Workspace Program in Beirut. Presently she is on her diploma year at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw and in the School of Looking of the Fort Photography Institute. She realizes international photographic and social projects. For 8 years she has lived in Liban, where she cooperated among others with the Henrich Böll Foundation, Danish Refugee Council or the Oriental Institute in Beirut. She has created the projects: „Mixed Feelings” and „Exilium”. Her newest photography project, „plaintext” has been shown at the finalists’ exhibition during the Photography Festival OBSCURA in Malaysia in 2018, and her short documentary „Next Sunday” – during the first Biennale of Art and Film in Liban in 2017.


The participation in the meeting is free of charge.


23, 24 July, 10.30-14.00 The Openers’ Secrets, theatre workshop by Professor Jana Pilátova (DAMU University)


About the workshop:

A meeting of people ready to play with what comes up in the action, and not in the head.

Let’s play kitchen openers. They are different – just as we are. Do we know our one. Can we for a moment become an „opener” and open? A tin? Ourselves? Our partner? From inside? From outside? A dialogue with movement, physical action, perhaps with the voice, finding a word in a situation. Opening your partner: In yourself? In the other? In everyone? This shall be an attempt to discover life and dreams of openers in acting together. Let’s try!

Our personal experiences at the same time integrate and isolate us, give us safety but also loneliness, as if they represented the whole reality. In our experiences we are closed up as if in prison. Everybody in his or her own prison. We can open and enrich them, we can get to know another bit of reality, when we are getting to know the “Other”.


About the author:

Professor Jana Pilátová, Ph.D., since 1990 has been teaching at the Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU). In 1998 she created there the Integrational Creativity Program, which she then ran for five years. It brought together people of particular fates, based on the belief that special needs of physical or social stigmata provoke creativity and that theatre is creativity’s trampoline, helping one to spring up to life. The inspiration was her experience of a training actress of Teatr Laboratorium in 1968. Since that time she has been writing and publishing texts about Grotowski’s work, its children and grandchildren, in theatre magazines in the Czech Rebublic and abroad, as well as translating their texts. In 2009 she published „Hnízdo Grotowského”, a work which sums up all those experiences. Since the very beginning she has been cooperating as a playwright with the Grotowski Institute, with ISTA and Czech independent ensembles, with the theatres Continuo and Farma w jaskyni. In 2005 she received the Czech award „Żywy skarb” („Live Treasure”), and in 2009 a Polish award – „Zasłużony dla kultury polskiej” “For Merit for Polish Culture”.


Participation fee: 70 zł



24 July, 10.30-14.00  A workshop by the Play Back Theatre, run by: the ensemble of Playback Self 3.0 Theatre

About the workshop:

The Playback Theatre is not only a form on stage. It is perfectly effective as a method of work with a group. We especially encourage those people who seek new and proven methods for developing communication in a group, environment integration or developing creativity to get familiar with the method.

Teatr Playback has a potential which allows it to work on a deeper level, that’s why our offer encompasses workshops for people working with groups in which a specific difficulty occurs, e.g. addiction, experiencing various crises, being threatened with exclusion or stigmatization.

In the program of the workshops we offer issues concerning building trust and the sense of safety. We present the method and the practical ways of employing it while working with a specific group. Each workshop is prepared in accordance with the commission and dedicated to a specific group.

About the workshop instructors:

Agata Sidorek, psychotherapist, psychodrama therapist, pedagogue, culture animator, actress. A graduate of, among others, the Academy of Special Pedagogy in Warsaw as well as a 6 years Moreno psychodrama training (Psychodrama for Europe Institute). She has done many theatre projects of her own, such as Teatr Zgoda (Theatre Consent) with people experiencing psychological crisis; the festivals: Bemowo Theatre Disturbances in 2008, 2010. In 2016 together with Magdalena Peron-Szott, she started Theatr Playback, combining theatre and psychodrama techniques.


Magdalena Peron-Szott, theatre director, pedagogue, psychotherapist, an author of many projects of social prophylactics and sociotherapy. She has learnt psychodrama at the Psychodrama for Europe Institute; graduate of among others a course in pedagogic work with the use of drama in Assitej Centre in Warsaw. The founder, together with Agata Sidorek, of the Playback Theatre. Presently she is working at Mental Health Clinics, the Complex of Environment Therapy as well as a Day Psychiatric Ward in Przemyśl. She has realized many social projects, among others the prophylactic program PaT, running a theatre group for the youth. She has run her own theatre workshops for the imprisoned in the Penitential Institutions in Przemyśl and Kłodzko.


Jarosław Rebeliński, a coach, theatrologist, drama and theatre educator. He graduated from the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and has completed a number of trainings in the areas of drama, theatre pedagogy, and Forum theatre (ODN in Warsaw, the Polish Assitej Centre, the Drama Way Foundation, „More than theatre” at the Grotowski Institute). For many years he has been the director of the Theatre in the Gdańsk Culture Archipelago and a lecturer at the Gdańsk Humanist College at the faculty    of Pedagogy. He runs art therapy classes for mentally disabled people and used to create theatre with the local community.


Participation fee: 35 zł


25 July, 10.30-14.00 Climate Disaster, horror, hope and rebellion against extinction – a workshop by Jacek Strzemieczny


About the workshop:


We invite people who are aware of climate change and its threats, who are seeking for ways of overcoming fear and helplessness. We shall share what we know and what we experience. We shall think how, in the epoch of climatic breakdown and humanitarian tragedies, we may strengthen the feeling of community with nature and people and find hope. We shall listen to each other carefully and honestly share our thoughts and feelings. We shall get to know, what the international movement against extinction (Extinction Rebellion). What is at stake, is our sense of meaning in life, the joy of living and our future.


About the author:


The co-founder and head of the board of the Centre for Citizen’s Education Foundation (CEO). A Ph. D. in pedagogy, coach and supervisor of the group training of the Polish Psychologists’ Association (PTP). The leader of the program “Szkoła Ucząca się” (“The School Learning”) (SUS), run since 2000 by CEO and the Polish – American Foundation for Freedom. In 1980–89 he ran the kindergarten and the Centre for Developing Education Skills by the PTP. In 1989–1994 he was a director of the Department for Education and Professional Improvement of Teachers at the Ministry of National Education, and the director of the Polish-American program: “Civic Education in a Democratic Society”. Since 1996, he has been a member of the international society Ashoka International. In 2002, at the World Economy Forum, he was awarded the title “Outstanding Social Innovator” by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. In 2006 he was the first laureate of the Penn Kemble Award for his outstanding contribution in education for democracy (from the side of the platform Education Internet Dialogue).

Since 2018 he ceased to be the head of CEO, and now he is active in the Extinction Rebellion.




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Attention! The number of workshop participants is limited. The participants shall be accepted in order of application.



We encourage you to apply and hope to see you in the Village!