The festival programme in English



„Theatre Village 2019” – Węgajty, Jonkowo, Godki



19 July, Friday

19.00 „Careless/Carefree” ,  a performance by the Other Theatre School/Węgajty Theatre. Staged by: Wacław Sobaszek. A pre-premiere show and film records form the activities of the Other Theatre School in 2019.

21.00 „Exilium – Show us the way of bitter exile” – the opening of the exhibition of photography by Marta Bogdańska. The project is an attempt to look at the fates of refugees – men and women – through the prism of a single person’s fate.  (the exhibition is taking place thanks to the Heinrich Böll fund.)

20 July, Saturday

16.00 a family afternoon in Jonkowo:

– „A Very Circus”, theatre „Przebudzeni” („The Awakened”) (Ostróda), directed by: Monika Kazimierczyk, Dariusz Wychudzki, music by: Dariusz Wychudzki

–  A Meeting with a Storyteller – fairy-tales and non-fairy-tales by Bartosz Ignacy Wrona

– „A Little Fish”, a minimalist performance by Karolina Placha


Continued in the Węgajty Theatre

19.00  Antropocene, performatics, contemporary theatre realisations, Jan Kühling (Freie Universität Berlin)

21.00  „United State of Woman. A One-Actress Choir ” – a monodram by Agnieszka Bresler, realized together with the director Joanna Lewicka and the playwright Magda Mróz based on talks and workshops with women in prisons, hostels and self-help homes. After the show, a discussion, led by Magdalena Hasiuk


21 July, Sunday

16.30  „Background” – Khava Soldayeva.  A show of the diploma collection of a MSKPU graduate. “It is an attempt at telling a part of my story by means of fashion. I was inspired by my memories of the war and its influence on my future.  I would like the person who looks at my clothes to see more than mere bits of fabric sown together…”


17.30  „An Open Dance Course”, run by: Erdmute and Wacław Sobaszek, The Other Theatre School and Piotr Rogaliński


20.30 „body process” –  Grupa Wolno (Slowly/You May Group), directed by: Pamela Leończyk, choreography and performance: Adrian Koszewski, music: Żaneta Rydzewska,  visualisations: Adrien Cognac. „We work with movement and with how the bodily is represented. It has led us to a place in which the body is oppressed, treated in a violent way…” Grand Prix OFTEN 2019



22 July, Monday

16.30 „the literary cafe”

17.30  „In Praise of Error” – Colloquium with Professor Jana Pilatova (Theatre Academy DAMU, Praha). About people who are stigmatized, about theatre as a laboratory of terror and about a dangerous disease called grantosis.

21.00 , the Handy Craft Gallery (Galeria Ręką Dzieło), Godki 21  „L’empereur” – an adaptation of Ryszard Kapuściński’s „The Emperor”. A structure prepared by the Labsa Ensemble, consisting of artists from Germany and Poland as well as a group of adepts from the social-professional activisation centre Grünbau in Dortmund. Directed by: Emilia Hagelganz and Zofia Bartoszewicz, music: Ralf Tibor Stemmer, lights: Sara Hasenbrink, choreography: Diams Dakate, Jonas Apenouvon and Wojciech Marek Kozak, coordination of the project: Anna Buchta. The performance in Węgajty will be prepared in cooperation with participants of the festival. After the show, a meeting with the ensemble, run by: Joanna Kocemba


23 July, Tuesday

16.30 „The War According to Karski” – A colloquium with Tomasz Łubieński, writer, playwright and historian, devoted to his newest book (published by Iskry Publishing House)

17.30  „Brest Stories Guide”, a presentation of the project by The Kryły Hałopa Theatre (the Belarus). Wandering around a “non-existing town” by the use of an application presenting the memory of the Jewish Brest, and of the dramatic fortunes of Brest’s inhabitants, brought out of oblivion.

18.30  Khetane, that is: together – a meeting with Barbara Prądzyńska and a group of Olsztyn Romani people, preparing a performance for the opening of the Olsztyn „Demoludy” festiwal. What does it mean today, to be a Romani man, a Romani woman? What has changed since the times of the wandering? What are their occupations today, how do they live? How are the Romani (or Gypsies?) perceived by the non-Romani?


21.00 „Exilium”, a performance of the Play Back Self 3.0 Theatre (Poland): „Play Back” is a form of interactive theatre in which the actors enact situations told by the spectators. Apart from the spectator, who creates the scenario for the show, there appear stories and photos of Syrian refugees whose portraits are shown in the exhibition of photography by Marta Bogdańska. The performance is a part of the project “Exilium”, realized thanks to the Heinrich Böll Fund as well as the Bemowo Culture Centre in Warsaw – apart from the performance, the project encompasses also an exhibition and workshops.


22.30  „Between the Human and the Non-Human. Non-anthropocentric Thought in Modern Art” – A  colloquium with Anna Drońska  (Warmia and Mazury University, Olsztyn)


24 July, Wednesday

16.00 „The Earth is Flat. You Moron.”, a pre-premiere show of the newest performance by Teatr 3.5, idea and realization: Domela Grenda and Marek Kurkiewicz (limited number of places; admission after advance booking only)

17.00  – „What is hatching?” –  A colloquium with Edwin Bendyk and a discussion with the participation of the ensembles and festival participants

19.00 „A Lesson in Looking” – an open workshop with Małgorzata Mickiewicz, a lector of Polish sign language and Barbara Parda, an interpreter of the Polish sign language

21.00 „The Earth is Flat. You Moron.”, a pre-premiere show of the newest performance by Theatre 3.5, the idea and the realization: Domela Grenda and Marek Kurkiewicz (limited number of places, admission only after advance booking)

22.00  Concert: Krystyna Skalicka and Libor Herman (Praha, the Czech Republic)



25 July, Thursday

17.00  „A Picnic of Imagination” – music, games, local foods and mini-workshops in the village football ground in Węgajty. Among the workshop instructors  there will be: Tadeusz Piotrowski (painting together), Jolanta Różycka (A mandala of herbs), Katarzyna Krupka and Pep Alcanyiz (The Band of Cataluňa)

20.00  „Constant in WhoYoLand” – collaboration of two theatres: „Rajstopy” and „The Theatre of Meetings of the Many”

21.30 Jam session and an art action by Jan Sajdak: „Amazonia”



Workshops (descriptions at the tab “Workshops”)

20-25 July

Open workshops for adults and children: workshop about climate (Ewa Woźniak), creating mandalas out of medicinal herbs (Joalanta Różycka)


20-21 July

Vocalosaurus: The capacity of the voice and traditional vocal forms: a workshop by Paulina Miu Kühling


20-22 July

L’empereur – dogs, gold and other small secrets of power.

A practice in the theatre work of the Labsa ensemble


21 July

„I am“ – a workshop for women with the use of the metod of „Re-evaluation Counselling”, run by: Magdalena Hasiuk


22 July

Improvising with your voice

A workshop by Eliza Paś


23 July

Migration and integration – a workshop meeting for teachers/pedagogues, animators and educators,

Run by: Maya Teryaki, Marta Bogdańska


23, 24 July

Secrets of the Openers

A theatre workshop by Professor Jana Pilátova (DAMU University)


24 July

A workshop by Playback Self 3.0 Theatre

Run by: the ensemble of the Playback Self 3.0 Theatre


25 July

Climate disaster, horror, hope and rebellion against extinction – a workshop by Jacek Strzemieczny




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